Top 10 Items for a Winter Walk

With winter fast approaching and the bad weather on it’s way whether we like it or not, we’d thought we would let you know our top items for our winter walks. All the products listed we use on our own walks and with our own dogs, we are not sponsored or endorsed by any of them just general love these products.

So here’s our top 10 –

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.12.25.pngPerfect Fit Harness
Harnesses are a fabulous tool for wonderful walks and also for your dogs health. Some dogs that pull on collars or wear badly fitted harnesses can be known to experience health problems or anatomy issues. We recommend Perfect Fit Harnesses which are all individually fitted to your dogs own measurements. They can be used as a standard harness but also have a front D ring to help with pulling.
Visit their website here  (prices range per fitting).

Gencon All in One Dog Headcollar
If heading out on road walks to take a break from some of the muddy areas but your dog is a puller, why not try a Gencon. These come as either a head collar or an all in one head collar and lead, if trained to accept the pressure across their nose correctly they are great for stopping pulling on your walks.
Gencon Leads

IMG_7112Jumpers and Waterproof Coats
Whether it be a gloomy rainy day or a little bit frosty, having a coat for your dog helps to keep them dry, warm, and a bit cleaner. We have a small range of standard coats that we keep on stand by for those really rainy walks with our customers but our own dogs have Equafleeces for those chilly or light rainy days but when the rain really comes in we have Hurtta coats. Both of these companies are again measured to fit dogs rather than coming in just a few basic sizes that don’t fit correctly.
Visit the Equafleece site here or find a Hurtta supplier here (prices range per product).

Treat Pouch
We always carry treats with us out on our walks, they are great for continuous recall training and having fun with your dog. If you carry your treats in your pockets you probably have the same issue as us of ending up with crumbs left in the depths of your pockets. Having a treat pouch helps you keep your treats in one place and they’re great for easy access.

Once you’ve got your pouch don’t forget to fill it with smelly yummy treats and reward your dog for all them recalls, and play some games out on your walk to help build your relationship.

Having the right pouch is also a “must have” as some bags don’t close well when needed and you can ended up dropping treats all over the place. That’s why we love to use the Doggone Good Rapid Rewards Treat Training Pouch (£17.95) that can be found at Positive Animal Solutions.

Light Up Collars and Leads
If you end up walking your pooch in the twilight hours or the evenings then having a light up collar or lead is a great idea. As well as helping you to keep track of your pet it also helps them become more visible to passing cars or other pedestrians.

Nite Ize offer a whole range of collars, leads, and clip on light products that are great for the job. Visit their site here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.20.08.pngOriginal Muck Boots
As well as the dog you need to be well equipped to make the walk as enjoyable for you as the dog. For those extra cold days we used to always find our wellies didn’t really keep our feet too warm, these boots from The Original Muck Boot Company are fully waterproof and the fabric top half keep the boots snug and warmth in.
You can find these boots at your local equestrian shop or visit their website here.

Collapsible Dog Bowl
Even though the weather is cold our dogs still need to quench their thirst if they’ve been for a good run. These collapsible silicone bowls are great for walks, they’re light weight and can easily be clipped onto belts or bags with the handy attached carabiners. Theres now a huge range with variations that also attach water bottles over at Xtra Dog.
Dexas Travel Cup with Carabiner (£6.50)

Training Line
If you don’t have a recall thats 100% reliable then training lines are another great tool. Giving your dog the exercise they need but still having control you can either hold onto the end of the long lines or drop them on the floor and just pick them up when you’re wanting to recall your dog. These leads can be found in a number of different lengths and are sold in most local pet shops.

Microfibre Dog Towel
After those long soggy walks we always want to dry our dogs off before they bring all that mud into the house. We love using a super absorbent microfibre towel that soaks all that water up off their paws and coats. These towels make drying a bit quicker and are great to use at bath times as well. This is also another product that you can probably find at most of your local pet stores.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 11.17.20.pngHeated Dog Bed
Once you’ve got in and your after that nice warm cup of tea and a warm up, why not treat your dog with a thermal self heating dog bed. We love Scruffs thermal box beds, these beds use the dogs own body heat to warm the beds and the dogs. This will keep them warm on returning from cold walks or even just nights in on those chilly evenings.
Thermal Box Bed from Scruffs  (£34.99 to £69.99 depending on size)


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