Pets Christmas Wish List

Now that we’ve got through Halloween and Bonfire Night we can now start to think ahead to Christmas. For those of you that have started or finished your Christmas shopping I’m very jealous as I haven’t even thought about it yet, but have you bought any Christmas presents or items for your pet? If they’re still on your list to purchase for we’ve put together a list of great Christmas items for your cat or dog.

23231157_10155159616683505_4971190914986657701_nLily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar
Who doesn’t love waking up in the morning and being able to eat chocolate, but unfortunately as it’s poisonous to dogs they have to go without. There are advent calendars that are now pet themed but some of these are still unhealthy for your pet. The people at Lily’s Kitchen have made a fabulous new calendar full of naturally healthy advent treats for your pet to enjoy, available for both dogs and cats.
Dog Advent Calendar £9.95
Cat Advent Calendar £9.95

Christmas Jumpers
With weather normally being quite chilly around this time of year, why not add some Christmas cheer to your December walks with a Christmas jumper for your dog. These are great fun and could even be doubled up for doggy party wear on the big day. If you want an extra excuse for them to wear their jumper we have a Christmas social walk on the 10th December.

Puzzle Game61PfxUYgV9L._SL1010_ All pets love a good treat, but why not turn treat time into game time with an interactive puzzle game. There are lots of these on the market now of varying difficulty. We love this collapsible mouse hunt game from Relkin. Lets them  use their natural instincts to get their reward and a great boredom buster.
Relkin Collapsible Mouse Hunt Cat Toy – £5.59

Christmas Dinner
How about getting them their own special Christmas dinner rather than having to share yours. Once again the fabulous Lily’s Kitchen have come to our aid with a huge range on offer, maybe an individual meal with three bird feast for dogs and turkey feast for cats, or a Christmas biscuit tin. Check out their website for the full range.
Lily’s Kitchen Christmas range

WHATS_INSIDESubscription Box
Subscription boxes are one of the latest trends and can be purchased for any subject including ones for your pets, so why not treat them to a months subscription and get a box delivered full of treats, toys, grooming supplies and more. These are also available for your bunnies and guinea pigs.
A list of boxes available for your pets


If you’ve already bought for your pet why not let us know what they’ve got in the comment below to help other owners with great ideas.

Team Star Paws

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