Top Tips – Fireworks Night

Well it’s that time of year that a lot of dogs find stressful, with the evenings getting darker earlier and Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas and New Years ahead of us a lot of people are having parties and celebrating with fireworks. If you have a dog that doesn’t like the pops, whizzes, bangs and crackles of the nights then we have come up with some top tips to try and help you and your dog get through these.

Make Them A Den. Before we get into the fireworks season make sure you have a ‘safe place’ set up for them to get used to. Use their crate or favourite sleeping location and favourite bed and cover with a blanket. For a month before make sure this is a place they get treats or even dinner so it becomes a great place to be.

Check Their ID Tags. (Just in case) Make sure their ID tags are attached to their collars and that both these and their microchips have up to date information on them.

Afternoon Walking. If you can take your dog out for a nice long walk before it gets dark, make sure you have a good game with either a toy or some training to wear them out so they will hopefully go to sleep.

Early Dinner. When dogs are stressed out some of them don’t like it eat, so let them have their dinner earlier in the evening before it gets dark.

Keep Them Busy. When it’s time to settle down for the evening give your dog something to do to try and wear them out mentally. Do some training, give them a puzzle game, or a stuffed Kong to play with.

Surround Sound. Close all your windows and curtains and switch on your TV and radio and turn up the sound to drown out the noises.

Keep Them Company But Let Them Be. Don’t leave them home alone, they will feel safer if they have company but do your best to act normal even if they are stressed out. Don’t fuss over them if they are hiding somewhere, if they want a cuddle or comforting they will come to you.

Keep Your Dogs Inside Or On Lead.
 Even if your garden is securely fenced don’t let them out unless they are on a lead, you never know when a firework will go off and if they are scared enough they still might jump fences to find safety.

If you are interested in trying some products to help calm your dog take a look at Adaptil Plug-in diffusers, ThunderShirts, or even herbal drops such as Rescue Remedy.

Hope all your pooches and other animals stay safe this fireworks season and if you have any problems or questions feel free to get in touch.

Team SP

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