DogFest 2017

With all the summer events now kicking off and a rare day free in our diary we decided to head up to Knebworth House for DogFest South. The weather had luckily cooled down from the heatwave we’d had during the week and after finishing off our morning work tasks we whizzed around the M25 and up the A1 for our fun day out.


We arrived at the venue about 12pm and were directed into the car park which were located just outside the event in the surrounding fields. We hopped out and checked we had enough water for both humans and dogs and pockets full of treats and poo bags and headed for the entrance.

Our first TOP TIP for this event is to purchase your tickets in advance online, even though this works out being only about two pound cheaper with the admin charges added on top (£15 per person online + £1.05 admin or £18 on the door) it did mean we could go straight to the queue for the entrance. If you purchased your ticket on the door there was a rather long queue to purchase these before then heading for the small entrance queue.

Once we got in and had collected our free show brochure full of helpful show information we decided to take a walk around and get our bearings first. We did a lap of the event to work out were everything was before we started our shopping, you could buy all your doggy items such as food, leads, collars, coats, fancy dress costumes, travel cages, and even doggy tea or you could spoiling yourself with some new clothes with dog related slogans on. There was a huge range of food available for lunch time with seating areas located near by some of which were shaded so your canine friends could sit out of the sun whilst obviously sharing your human treats.

Photo 25-06-2018, 14 41 35.jpg

As well as all the amazing shops there is so much for you to do with your dogs, from trying out some agility, flyball, hay racing (scurry), dancing, or entering a class in the companion show to letting your dog take a dive and swim in the K9 Aqua Sports diving pool. There was also the chance to get your dog a free health check, or maybe visit the weight management zone if you were worried you spoiled your dog a little too much with them treats. There was displays to watch all day in multiple rings around the event as well as Supervet himself Professor Noel Fitzpatrick appearing on the main stage twice a day to give a talk about some of the stories behind the filming of Supervet as well as other insights into his clinical work helping animals.


If all of this wasn’t enough for you, and we might have missed something ourselves, there is The Great Dog Walk to take part in that offers either a 2km or 4km walk off out of the event and up and past Knebworth house. Another Top Tip for this part of the event, make sure you take some drinking water with you for the dogs as there is no bowls on route.


We were now heading towards the end of the event with the last appearance from Noel up on the super stage we headed back down the show checking for any last minute bargains and obviously getting some ice cream which was shared with the dogs for being on their best behaviours. Once we got back to the car they were all throughly exhausted and were asleep for the rest of the day.

Overall this is a great event for any dog lover, there was so much to do and if you wanted to give it all a go I would definitely suggest the whole day there so you aren’t rushing around too much. We were lucky that the weather wasn’t too hot for the dogs, there was lots of water bowls around but some were running low so make sure to take along your own anyway.

If you attended this event or if you have been to any similar events you can recommend to us please leave your comments and views below.

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